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HTC EVO Battery Life

December 31st, 2010 · 1 Comment · webfrost

I’m sure I’ve not been the most kind to my battery, my wife often gives me unsolicited advice about why I should or should not be charging my phone or admonishes me for touching her phone (I swear it was almost dead when I plugged it in to charge it for her!)

But my HTC EVO battery life was fairly poor when I first got it (one of the first things I learned was how to keep all unnecessary things like Wifi and 4G turned off) — And it’s not getting better. Anyone know if I got a replacement if it would be any better?

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  • 1 Jack // Jan 2, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    My phone died yesterday, I took it to the Sprint store this morning and they said it was a failed battery. I guess my battery said “screw it, I get no appreciation, look what he says about me on his blog”, and decided to brick itself! Sprint was nice enough to give me a new standard battery for free. Pretty painless.

    I did see the $54 Extended batteries for the HTC EVO. I don’t believe I saw them for any other phone model, just the HTC EVO, why am I not surprised :-) Anyway, I found the same thing or something similar on OverStock.com for $28 + $1 shipping and ordered it, so I’ll also have an extra battery now… one extra fat extended one which increases the heft of the phone and the new standard one they gave me at the Sprint store. Yay!

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